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Another example of Great Shelby Service


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Howdy SGT Friends,

I just wanted to share a short story of another good experience with Shelby Customer Care. I purchased the "Shelby Fuel Door" about 14 months ago & installed it a little less then 6 months ago (on account of a military deployment). About 2 & half months after it was installed a small area started bleaching (that is to say turning white). I called up Las Vegas and spoke with Justin Adler. I gave him a brief description and he asked me if I still have the receipt (which of course I did as I keep track of all the paperwork when I add or subtract anything from the car...I'm sure 99% of you will understand this). Because of the swap between Scott Drake & the new Shelby Store they didn't have it on file, but as soon as I sent it in it took Justin about 5 minutes before agreeing to send me a new one. ( I didn't even send pics in). Its just good to see a company & its employees taking pride and responsibility in their work...in all my experience with Shelby American I know I can always expect that from them!


Semper Paratus!


(I also put this post on the Shelby Store Forum...but if you guys are anything like me the only thing I watch & read is the Shelby GT Mod/Tech lol)

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I just placed a big order with Shelby this week. Some shirts and stuff for car. I had accidently placed wrong sizes on some of the clothes, and called customer rep and he promptly changed the sizes and fixed the order. They have done a great job for me as well. Thanks Shelby Perfomance Parts.


Todd Shelby (no relation to the big guy)

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I have to agree.

Last year I ordered the "Shelby GT" license plate frame. I received the wrong frame. One email to Robert

who put me in touch with Kameron who sent to correct one to me.


That was awesome service. Thanks guys.

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