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GT500 Center DL & SS hood


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Hi everyone, a noobie here with a 2008 GT500 Vert. Haven't done much other than appearance mods, like replacing white side stripes with black ones, CDC styling bar, 20" Shelby Razor wheels, painted skull caps for outside mirrors and KR axle back exhaust!. JLT new 127 MM CAI and Predator ordered: but not doing a pulley kit. Have been wanting a hood for some time, especially SS: but prohibitive price always held me back. About 6 weeks ago, a vendor had a sale and I popped for one: but not received yet? Realize there is only 1 source: but if any of you have ordered in last 6mo,how long did it take you to receive it? Looks to be superior quality to most aftermarket hoods and those of you who have them installed, interested in any feedback regarding any difficulties in prepping, painting,or installation? Pretty sure will paint SS stripe in black as well, rather than stripe kit. Any feedback on this issue? Likely "semi gloss" black to match OEM black side stripes?


A guy in our local club, Ford Performance of Atlanta has a nice GT Coupe with DL's moved to center of grill via a 3D Carbon replacement grill. Thinking I'd like to do it to my car: but realize the GT500 grill not the same as GT. Is there a company out there that makes a replacement grill to do it,quality? So far, no one knows of any so thinking might have to find fabricator to make one, if not too expensive? What about buying a "spare" OEM GT 500 grill, 3D grille to use as sort of a template to modify the spare OEM? All suggestions welcome?


Lastly, haven't seen one in person: but like idea of Cervinis "Shelby" rear deck tail light kit that does NOT require any cutting for 2 inboard lights that include "chaser" feature? Anybody ever seen these "live" or have them? Your thoughts?


All input is welcome:but hope suggestions are mostly positive?

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