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"Less Than Perfect" Mustang Seat Material


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OK...I know this was covered last summer as guys were getting their cars out for the season. But I wanted to re-iterate my findings...


Among all of the other things I have done in my career, I was once upon a time a Jaguar parts guy. All British Leyland cars actually. Nonetheless...


One of the products that we sold for Jaguar (British) leather was called HideFood. After using it way back in the 80's on all of my cars and my sofas at home, I have been a faithful user of this s%$#t for years and years!


The proof is in the pudding here:


This is my 2007 GT500 with just a shade over 4600 miles on her now. I have treated my drivers seat ONLY four times in four years. Just did it last week again. The passenger seat has never really had a rider, so it has never needed treatment. HideFood cleans and protects ALL-IN-ONE! I challenge anyone here on our forums to show me their 5k mile Mustang driver seat that looks this good!?


Just bored on this Easter Sunday. :hysterical:

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