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First Mod done on the Shelby!

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I finally made my first modification on my 2011 Shelby. I have had the car since July 2010. I added the FRPP resonator eliminator and an AirRaid filter. The install wasn't too bad but i swear that all the stock parts were super glued together as I had a hard time pulling them apart. I am a little disappointed with the resonator eliminator. The supercharger is slightly louder but wasn't a big difference. I expect the supercharger will be louder soon since I am placing my order Monday for the VMP 2.59 pulley and tune! The mod bug has started!


Here is a pic after the install.



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The whine from the super charger will be a great bit louder once you install the VMP pulley. The only bad thing I have found with doing mods on these cars is the louder and faster it gets the more you want to push the loud pedal. I guess we can all be grateful that we are addicted to cars and mods and not something else.



James :shift:

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how much of a difference in performance have you seen with the AirRaid filter. A guy at the Fords Fabulous Forever car show recommended it to me (he had it on his 2011) but i haven't had time to research it



Im sure it picked up a horse or two but not enough that you will really feel a difference. I think it is still worth getting though. Definatley makes the engine bay look a little nicer.

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