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Blackberry and handsfree through my audio system

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Finally got a smart phone.My question is: how do I go through my audio system for phone calls.I have a 07 gt500 with shaker 1000 & a blackberry torch.



Hey MW I think although I could be wrong but,your car would have to have the Sync system installed.


Im pretty sure the 07's did not have that.


If your thinking of some thing else I appologize.


For the record I have an iPhone 3gs and an '11 Fusion.It works soso

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Thanks.I am slow on all of this tech stuff.No I dont have sync.It just came out.I seen this work on a ford truck & it was pretty cool.I know it was a 2010 or a 2011.I do not know if it had sync or not.



Sounds like the truck had sync.


I know that it comes in the newer 'Stangs


Well congrats on the car and welcome to the site

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