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Shelby GTS Mustang Goes Hunting for Colts: New York Times


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LOVE the car! OK I must say this...Shelby American has never had this tyype of professionalism, forward thinking and the ability to put it all together like it has in the past few years. It is not a fluke or luck, it is the hiring of key employees that has implemented corporate America into this company and gives it a flavor of bigger and better things to come. If they wouldn't have hired employess like this who knows where Shelby would be today? I say great job and I can't wait to see these cars in person. ;)


PS: I was drinking that night :). I want Shelby to really come out with a ball buster again, this is just.....well......meh after all. Hey maybe once the GTS is seen with all its glory and everything it will make people want to buy one.



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