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Thoughts on Autometer Nexus Gauges?


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Getting ready to order the gauges for my SC install and I've settled on the wallet-unsettling Autometer Nexus Gauges. They seem quite expensive, but pretty sweet at the same time.


Any thoughts on these gauges versus any others you may recommend? I'm going for Boost/Vac, Fuel PSI and Wideband. Looking at around $1250 for gauges and SOS pod at this point going that route. :censored: But the gauges look sweet....



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I have the center gauge pod from Shelby and will be replacing it with what you are looking at. I had a similar experience in swallowing the cost but I agree with you that they are the sweetest thing out there if cost is not a problem. If you get them, please post photos. Mine will not be ordered or installed for a while.



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FYI, spent the last 2 days trying to find the best price out there on these... man are they expensive. But thanks to JD @ Champion Mustang directing me to the guys over at R&E Racing, I've found by far the lowest price I've seen on these! I told him I wouldn't list the price, but trust me... if you want these Autometer Nexus gauges, call Jon @ R&E Racing, 661.948.7622. So far it's about $100-150 less than I could find elsewhere (and those places weren't recommended by someone I trust, i.e. JD).


Placing my order today.

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