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Any Mustang Magazine for the IPAD?

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Ilmor thanks for recommending the app im loving it!! Just to let everyone know, they have car and driver, motor trend, road and track, mustangs & fast fords, 5.0 mustang, sports illustrated swimsuit, maxim and many more popular magazines for the iPad. If you haven't seen digital magazines in the iPad you guys are missing a lot!! Not only do you read articles, but there are videos accompanying the articles and pictures ( just imagine it on sports illustrated swimsuit), also how can you top the fact that you can bring all your magazines including all the previous issues in one device? On top of that you get books, web browser, itunes, camera, etc. Tablets are the future!!


Ilmor I have the iPhone too but I highly recommend you get the iPad. I thought there was no use for it and it is just an oversized iPhone but it is really worth it for magazines, books, and web browsing especially in bed not like the laptop that burns your lap from the heat.

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