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Side/Window Scoop Tape & Preparation


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I have ordered a set of body-side and window scoops for my GT500 from DG. These come presupplied with "3M tape".


I am interested in attaching these scoops with the best, strongest, and most long-lasting grade of 3M tape, since I don't want them falling off on the freeway in 2-3 years, etc. I have emailed DG to find out what type of tape they use and why. If there is a better grade of tape available, I would consider buying some of it separately and replacing the supplied-tape with it.


This is not as easy as it seems, because 3M appears to have several different types and grades of 2-sided automotive tape. It is difficult to identify the "best" one for something like this application. As far as I have been able to figure out, the best is this.


Any opinions/recommendations here?


Also, should I "prep" the attachment surfaces on the car's paint, and/or windows, with something like this? Is it safe for the car's paint and/or glass?


Thanks in advance for anyone's experienced advice!:)

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I had these installed on my GT and if I had to do over I will not put these on. Having said that works best if you heat the surface area before attaching the 3m tape. Keep pressure on for about 30mins after installation for proper ahesion. They have red sticker on both sides of the tape. If you run out you can get it from just about any auto store.

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I have them on my GT500 and have been very happy though there was a slight flaw in the paint which I only noticed after installed. Used rubbing alcohol to clean, and then a bonding agent which is supplied goes on the window itself before attaching with the 3M tape.


So far so good...I use an electric leaf blower to dry the car, especially around the scoops as water collects and drips later as you would expect. They are on there solid and my only worry is for when I want to remove them eventually.

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