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SVTPP Feature Question


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The SVTPP is all about tires and suspension - and the 3.73 gearing to give back what the larger rear tire diameter hath taken away. Oh yes, and the stripes.


But are there any OTHER differences between GT500's with the SVTPP and those without it? Do both cars have the same "Sport Mode" traction control and so forth? There seems to be VERY little specific information about any NON-physical/component differences.


With Ford Racing now selling an entire, enclosed rear axle with 3.73 as a unit and the fact that many probably WOULDN'T choose the F-1 G: 2's as their dream tires from the factory, I'm wondering if an FR-3 pack with adjustable dampers and a 3.73 axle may not be a better way to go - but that's not my question. Any other differences are.


Thanks in advance.

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