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90% of the population on earth has faceboook, even drug cartels :hysterical: . I used to have one but deleted it. I mis the time where when you see an old friend, the conversation is endless and fun trying to catch up on each other's lives. Doesn't happen when you have facebook or twitter :confused:

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I still have a land line phone, so I can hear what people say and don't have to figure out "who r u'



Now that's funny we were talking about how a lot of times you would pick up on someone else conversation and try and figure out who it was.you never new what you were going to here

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No Facebook, I don't want people to know that much about my personnel life. If I'm not talking to you pretty regularly in person I really don't have much interest in you.


Now, I'm on twitter. I use it to track sports, local news as well as auto news. And I can remain anonymous.

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