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'11 SVT Revs going slightly PAST redline when foot off gas


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Hi all. Just broke 1000 miles on my new 2011 Sterling Grey SVT...can't get enough of the GT500.


The other day I was in an open area, temps were warm enough, and I decided to open her up a bit. Traction control on, close to WOT and did my 1-2 shift right at or near 6k. It's probably because I'm not experienced with the car yet, or maybe I'm just a slowpoke shifter with her, but noticed that the revs seemed to go a little past 6k. I don't think I hit the limiter because it was kind of a short "gradual" move past 6k, before I was into 2nd gear and the rpm's came back down. it also feels like the RPM's come down too "slowly" when I take the foot off of the gas to shift.


My last car was an '08 Z06, and I noticed that when I would make my near redline shifts, at WOT, as soon as I let off of the gas the RPM's would immediately drop. With the GT500, it seemed like when I let go of the gas the RPM's still increased at bit (maybe +300rpms?), until I applied throttle in 2nd gear.


Does this sound right? Is this a by-product of the supercharger? Drive-by-wire getting in the way?

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So does mine... Well except when I power shift. LOL Some people are just stick shift drivers when they are born... lol Just kidding, but really, my 2010 F-150 does it too. Its way more noticeable with the truck but I know what ya mean. It drives me crazy!!!

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