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M-H Racing "Tank" for Shelby GT's

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So I got my intercooler and coolant tanks from Lethal (Moroso made) Saturday and wasn't real happy with the quality. But Friday night Steve-o-500 showed me the M-H Racing "The Tank" dual intercooler and coolant tank that he had installed. It looks beautiful. Looks cleaner than stock and adds a very nice cleanliness to the engine bay.


That said, they only currently make them for the GT500... but I figure it can't be that different for a Shelby GT, can it? Therefore I put in a call to M-H to see what their interest would be in fabbing a similar tank for the 07-08 Shelby GT (05-09 Mustang GT). Considering that, would any one else here with an intercooled SC Shelby GT be interested in one of these? They probably won't go for it on a one off, but I figured if they got a few orders and then had a template done they could start offering them up to the SC'd Mustang GT guys too. Seems to me it would go over pretty well.


Anyone else interested?



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I love the idea, but it won't work since I have the Saleen setup. I am mocking one up out of card board to see if a local aluminum shop can make it for me. I need a little cut out to clear the intake tube.

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Has anyone installed one of these and if so how difficult are they to install, I was looking for some new tanks and came across this one which looked pretty nice. Also for anyone with this tank how is the quality fit and finsih, any leaks from the caps etc .....Thanks



I don't know about the install, but I've seen is after install on Steve-o-500's car and it's beautiful. Bit and finish look top knotch. I think they use the same collars as the stock tanks so I believe cap fitment should be fine. I love the look of it so much... it's why I started this thread... trying to get enough interest to get them to make one for the SGT/GT's

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Any news regarding a one-off? I can't see what would be so different for a shelby gt vs. a gt500.



i haven't heard anything from them. Too busy these days to worry about it anyway, but I'm doing an winter cooling upgrade project and hoping I can get them to mock on up by then. I'll certainly post up anything I hear or find out.

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