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Tony356 Mod Ideas on the Table

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I have begun my list for the 350 to get ready for the track season.


Event list for 2011:


Pocono with TS


Events to hunt down some of my 911 buddies:

Pocono with PCA

Watkins Glen with PCA

Thunderbolt/Lightning with PCA


List so far:

4 Point Roll Bar





Tranny cooler

Wheels w/ Hoosier A6's


Short Shift (But not sure what to use)


Trying not to go too far over the edge with this car as it might be a one season track beast then back to street and show warrior.

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You going to bring your GT350 to a Porsche event? Will most of them appreciate the car?


I have known my local PCA guys and raced and de'd with them for many many years. I'll take some shit - but it will all be ok once we hit the track. :angry22:

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