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Thunder Snow!!!!!

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Kinda spooky this weekend, it was snowing and thundering Fri and Sat nites. I remember years ago it happen just a little bit, but a whole weekend of it........... :eek5:

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I say the weather is going to get more unstable look at all these high wind gust there were a couple of stories of bounce houses with children in it. The gust of wind lifted them up taking them several houses down. Another bounce house was carried into traffic even by me the wind is insane I'm 275wgt and one day it was pushing me around like a doll. We will have to see what this summer brings us.

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My favorite new toy....


























Is not a Ford GT..........

























But a LaCrosse Weather Station!!!!


We had 49.9 MPH gusts last night. Expect to register 100+ gusts soon. We get hurricane+ strength winds here all the time. That's a still day on the front range :)



P.S.. I guess it all depends on where you are. "Thundersnow" is common here so we don't think too much of it.

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