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Insurance Funny!


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This week, I finally traded my daily driver in on a beautiful Sterling Gray MCA edition V6. I assumed that the insurance would be similar to or maybe less than the SGT. Instead, it's about a hundred bucks more and they included a letter telling me that they normally would not insure such a high performance auto, but would make an exception since I was an existing policyholder. They went on to tell me that I need to be "aware of the risks involved with driving an auto with a powerful engine and a comparatively lighweight body."


Surprisingly, on the way home from Delaware where we picked it up, the V6 got 26.6 mpg and the Shelby got a solid 24 mpg! Hopefully the V6 will improve some when it gets a few miles on it, but it doesn't look like it is cost effective to drive a V6 for either fuel savings or insurance costs!

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