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Did Dean Jeffries redo the body on CSX2000 in '62?


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In some custom hot rod magazine on the newsstand now, they have a several page article on

Dean Jeffries including some pictures of the time he painted the pale yellow CSX2000 Cobra.In the article they say Shelby paid him with a hotted up Cobra engine. I thought at that time the engine would be a 260 but maybe by the time Shelby sent the engine he had 289s. Anyway my question is, in the article they say Jeffries built the Cobra body but before that I heard that Phil Remington had quite a few things to change on the car's evolution from the AC-Zephyr (the long nose AC that came after the Bristol) but I didn't know who did those modifications. Even though Jeffries built the incredibly curvy Manta Ray (powered by that same Cobra engine) I doubt he built a whole Cobra body. Does anyone think he did? I'd call him up but last time I talked to him, his memory of 40-plus years ago was a little spotty.

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