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Tri-bar Mustang paint

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I just replaced the tri-bar, running horse on the front grill as the original was looking pretty ratty. (By the way, the clips you get to install it with are a ROYAL PITA!) Even though it's kinda cheap, I'm thinking I can polish and paint the old one as a spare, so does anyone have any idea where I could find color matches for the red/white/blue paint? The white looks pretty standard, but the red and blue have a kind of metallic look.



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I think these are a thin coat of color that allows the chrome to shine through, which gives the finish a candy look.


Regarding restoration, I wondered the same thing when I replaced my tri-bar emblem this winter. When I started thinking of what it would take to get the color right, stripping, masking, etc, it just seems like it is not worth the trouble.


Instead of trying to salvage the old one, I polished it up and gave it to my buddy's teen daughter that drools on our car. I think it made her day more than me salvaging it for another day!

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