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Frank A.

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I have not seen any mention of build numbers with specific options for the KR's.


Do these numbers even exist anywhere?


How many Silver cars have nav?


How many silver cars have the 1000 series radio?


How many silver cars have neither?


Cannot have both ---- from what I have read.


Thats the breakdown I'm curious about.


As sexy and hot looking as the new GT500's are, YOU ARE HARD PRESSED TO BEAT THE SEDUCTIVE LOOK OF THE KR!


Frank A. :)

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A BUMP for this question. ^


I was just wondering about the numbers of KRs that came with either Shaker 1000 or NAV, and if any cars came with neither.

Also, did they all (both '08 and '09) come with HID and the interior (ghetto) lighting?

Did they all come with the trunk wart for satellite radio?


Just curious.

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Team Shelby has a specific forum for these type of questions. This forum is open to Team Shelby Club members and is one of the many benefits of becoming a member of Team Shelby, which is something I urge all Shelby enthusiasts to consider. See link below.




OP, you are correct. The navigation radio is not available with the Shaker 1000 option.


Oldlugs, some KR's were equipped with just a Shaker 500 radio. Not all KR's had the Satellite radio option. All production KR's had HID.



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