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Innovate Motorsports OT-2: OBD-II WiFi Interface


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does anyone have one of these and do you like it? I have an iPhone and have been contemplating getting one of these for a while.


Innovate Motorsports says the OpenTune interface allows high-quality data display, logging, and analysis from any vehicle made since 1996, and integrates with Innovate air/fuel meters and other modular tuning components.


Here's the link for additional info:


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Welcome to TS! :D


I found this new app a while back but have not read much about it. I know there have been posts on the Rev app by Devtoaster app using the Kiwi wifi hardware by PLX. Try searching for these for more info. The interesting thing would be to incorporate A/F reading along with the other OBDII stuff. Let us know what you find out about the new Innovate app.

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