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Dash Emblems would be a great offering


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I am new to the forum and finally got my dream car back in August 2010. A 2008 GT 500- Vapor Silver with Ebony stripes. I have been looking at some of the classic 1967-70 GT 500 dash emblems to modify and put in my car. That side of the car could use a classic accent like a dash emblem. The problem with the old emblems is that they are gold or chrome, doesn't look like they would work well in the modern interiors. I think the 1968 dash emblem would look great with a brushed or satin finish. What does everybody else think? These would probably be a good seller as I don't see anyone else making and selling them.

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Yeah, might be cool, if done as you say so it matches the car's overall look.


I cringe when I see the old ones stuck on the dash.


They just look out of place to me.


That said, like the steering wheel, I don't see SPP selling anything that sticks, or attaches to, the airbag cover.


You could see if the older one can be refinished/dipped in a statin sliver by a 3rd party perhaps?

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Well, an older one could be repainted, but I still wouldn't put anything hard on the airbag cover. If you ever have they airbag deploy, it would become a projectile. Now, a sticker is fine since it'll just tear.


WIth that said, an emblem on the doors would look great; like the classic GT500s had. If I remember correctly, is was a round snake emblem.

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