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10" sub box for back corner trunk (10 to choose from)


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One day I'd like to get the JL Audio stealth box but I just don't have the $700 to spend right now besides I already have a JL 10w6 and JL 500/1 monoblock amp which was waiting to go into my Ram but I drive the Shelby more often now. I'm looking to put a 10" box where the Shaker 1000 box and JL box lives in the passenger side of the trunk well. I found a site that sell's a bunch of boxes that fit in that space. If there is any stereo experts out there which one do you think I should I get? The only 2 that are .85 only have a 3/4" face and the rest is 5/8 The rest are .75 but with thickness of 3/4-1" and a couple bandpasses Here is the site.




What else do I need to get this sub and amp hook up electronically to my factory NAV and work like stock?


Box's I have my eye on


R/T 770 Enclosure Series 10-Inch Single Sealed Bass Speaker Box

Atrend E10S B Box Series 10-Inch Single Hatchback Enclosures

MTX Bass Slammer BS110S Single 10" Sealed Enclosure

New Single Car Black Subwoofer Box Ported Automotive Enclosure for 10" Woofer 10SP

Atrend 10sql 10" Single Sealed Car Subwoofer Enclosure with Heavy Duty 3/4" High Density Mdf (0.75 Cubic Feet Air Volume)

OBCON Single 10" Sealed Hatchback Speaker Box

R/T Single 10" Sealed Speaker Enclosure-Slanted Front

R/T Single 10" Standard Bandpass Speaker Enclosure


JL recommends a 1.25 CU volume but I just don't want a box that big.


Thanks and feel free to let me know about wiring it up if you don't have an opinion on which box I should get.

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MTX has a 12" box that is for the 2005-2009 cars but it fits our 10s because I installed it. I could not get MTX to say it fits so I measured the trunk differences and yes is does fit and has a good deep bass bang. It's adjustable as well

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