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Track Wheels - Same Size and Offset

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Hello smart folks,


Does anyone make a wheel that is the same size and offset as the shelby cragar wheel that came with the car? Wheels are not currently available from Shelby for obvious reasons. I need a set for the track so I don't booger up my Cragar's. We wouldn't want ugly wheels on a surgically repaired car. :redcard:

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Tony, if you have to ask..... :spend:


It's only money anyway. :hysterical:




Have you looked at these: RTR 19X9.5 Wheels


or the Boss 302LS rims (19X9 Boss LS 19X9 front & 19X10 Boss LS 19X10 rear)


I know they are darker, but I believe they would work and are probably MUCH less expensive than the alternatives.

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