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C&D 2013 drivetrain test mule pics and rumors


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Looks like Ford will respond to Chevy.




Apologies in advance if this is repost... Didn't see it my brief scan of the latest posts.....



It looks like you are late to the game. Better luck next time. :hysterical:

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Yup it`s a repost but its GOOD



Yeah - just found it now in both this section and of all places for a 2013 rumor the 2007-2009 forums. Haven't been paying much attention to this forum since it became depressingly anti-GT500 and pro Chevy, GTR, or whatever vehicle the hater of the week decides is superior.


I do hope Ford manages to keep the Muscle Car flavor of the GT500 through the 2013 upgrades. Personally I like being able to break lose the rearend whenever I want:)

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