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Mods - where to start 2011 GT 500


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Today the final package from Justin arrived from VMP. I now have sitting on the bench rear upper and lower control arms, 2.59 upper pulley, 15% OD lower pulley, belt, tensioner, tuner, 65mm TB.


My thought on how to approach installing all this stuff is as follows:


Upper and lower control arms as it won't effect the other modifications mechanically speaking.


Install the new upper pulley, tensioner and tune. Test and confirm all works fine.


Install the TB. Test and confirm all works fine. Will I need to do anything with the tuner when changing out the TB to a larger one?


Install the 15% OD and new belt. Test and confirm.


I've never worked on a SC system before so I'm a little insecure in what needs to be done when and fearful that I will fail to do something in terms of tuning which will result in engine damage etc.


Any suggestions are welcome. Any idea how long each of these steps take.


I have more questions but they are off toopic, so I'll post them seperately.



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