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code readers

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Thanks, free sounds pretty good



Yeah, Autozone, Pepboys, and of those kind of places will read your codes for free.


My wife took her Benz to Pepboys to get the code. They gave her the printout but said THEY couldn't fix it, it was a dealer item. It was the EGR functional sensor so we never fixed it and just deal with a CEL/MIL always on.


I probably ought'a fix it but I'm a mechanic and you know how that goes.....the plumbers house is the last drain to be fixed...




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I bought a basic Harbor Freight OBD-II Reader when our van threw a code while we were on vacation ... it did the job by decoding the code and clearing the MIL. Had to replace the knock sensor wire because a rodent chewed through it. The reader worked good on the Honda Odyssey, but haven't tried it on the 500 yet.



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