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Offset on stock strut mounts. Can it turn 180 degrees to gain camber after lowering?


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I read this on the svt site and brings up a good question. The center strut hole is not centered in the OE mounts. There is a greater distance on outside of car compared to inside. When lowering the negative camber increases. By turning the mounts 180 degrees you push the camber back more positive. Is it enough or to much? I guess that would be determined by how low you drop it. I plan to go the KR setup and I wonder if the mounts are turned 180 for the KR's to compensate this?


Is there any mechanical reason these can not be turned 180? If this is a simple fix I am surprised it have not been found yet but who would think it was not centered?

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Just to update if you follow the link attached in my first post it has some interesting posts.


Conclusion: unless someone can prove a reason against this you can gain possible .6* positive camber by spinning 180 degrees. This should allow those dropping 1" to maybe even 1.5" up front to stay within spec using the OE strut mount. Saving a few hundred dollars.

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