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Happy Birthday Joker45!

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Just finished up dinner and setteling down for the night. Good day all in all.



What did you have ?


Did you get cake too?


Any ice cream ?


What's on the docket for the evening. happy%20feet.gif

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Congrats to the other Rob! Good job. 24 years really? Impressive.


Yes 24 years....one day at a time. 22 of my coins are in this frame. This pic was taken last year. I need to throw #23 coin into the frame now.



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Happy 12 min belated Birthday Rob!!! Hope you can find a way around the memorials to still come to Grabber's this year (other Rob..LOL) It won't be the same with out you and Stephanie!!!


Congrats other Rob (Grabber) on your BD too!!!



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