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A little Team Shelby love for the Legend Lime lovers!


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I am developing a windshield banner for Team Shelby regional clubs and had to create a prototype to take pics to send to Shelby Licensing. A friend of mine is a member of our local Team Shelby region (Mississippi Valley) and offered his car as a test mule. This was a great opportunity because I just received a role of the FlxPaint product in legend lime and wanted to test out the color and material in this application. For those of you that do not know what FlxPaint is it is a vinyl substrait that is painted with factory paint and clear coated so it is cut and applied like vinyl but looks and acts like factory paint! This product is spendy but is a great product for someone that wants an exact paint match and long life.


Here are a few pictures...





Some special touches I added to these banners include rounded corners where ever possible to help prevent peeling and contour shape of the banner so it fits right against the windshield.




These are great looking banners and the FlxPaint product was a breeze to work with as well!


I hope to get these approved through Licensing soon! If you are in the Mississippi Valley region let me know if you would like one. There are several of us attending the Tupelo Cruise event on March 26th (www.tupelocruise.com) and we hope to have several of these banners on cars at that event! WOOT! :happy feet:

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I'm intrigued by this new product....perhaps a cure for SGT stripe issues? Would it work? Would it last?





The product would certainly last longer than the factory stripes. I have used it on several cars and I would compare it to the factory GT500 stripes on the 07-09 cars.

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