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Do the Shelby Plus brake system fit....


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The Shelby extreme brakes are too expensive for my taste. (great deal for those who can afford them,33% off)


Do the "Shelby Plus brake system " fit on a SGT with 20" CS69's?


I currently have the stock SGT FORD 18" rims and tires, but thinking about upgrading.


I want these partly because of the better performance, and partly because of the looks. (car shows)


Anyone do this set up yet? How does it feel over stock rims and brakes?

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Be sure and post some pictures of it.


I plan on it. Gotta wait for a little warmer temps, gotta work on my car in the driveway due to a cluttered garage.




Anyone else have the CS69" on a SGT?

What brakes are you running?

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