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Ford halts Mustang output this week


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Mazda6 and Ford Mustang output at the AutoAlliance International plant in Michigan will be halted through Friday, March 11, because of parts shortages, some caused by a fire last week at a key Magna International Inc. interiors plant.


Ford Motor Co. has halted Mustang output because of a parts shortage unrelated to the Magna plant fire.


"Now that Mustang is experiencing a different and unrelated parts shortage, neither product will be produced and the plant will not run," Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans said. She said Ford doesn't disclose details about parts shortages.


Ouch. Only about 500 units into the 2012 GT500 run - and about the same BOSS 302

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Ford's Share holders will love that



Not that ANYBODY'S exactly happy about it, businesses indemnify themselves against interruption - and given an adequate supply of cars in the marketplace (Mustang is about 45-50 days), there's no real drama.


GM is taking the far larger part of the hit - to its most profitable vehicles that are in the shortest supply.

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