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Heel / Toe Pedals for GT500 - Awesome


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So I wanted some really nice pedals for my 2011 GT500... Not because I don't love the stock ones, because I do... but because I needed better pedals for track work. Heel/Toe shifting in a Porsche 911 or BMW M3 seem to be easy, because of their pedal position. The GT500 however is not so much. The pedals are very far from eachother (Brake and Gas) and it makes it very difficult. I bought Piloti Prototipos, and practiced, and still had issues. So I spent 3 days in bed from a cold, and researched most of the time on pedals. SRP Racing kept coming up as the best solution. So when I went and looked at their pedals, they are great, but the gap isn't filled for my application (Heel/Toe track work.) So I went ahead and ordered the pedals, because I love them so much, and then sent them a note.


Get this - Brian (SRP Racing engineer) sends me back a note that they will design a throttle pedal for my need, to fill the gap, and send me a paper proto. WOW - How awesome is that. I now have the paper proto and am going to make it into cardboard tonight, and tape it to the pedal. They will make it to my need. OMG - How great is this company!!!


If any of you are looking for custom pedals - Go to this site, and order these pedals. They are sweeeeet! Look at the Camaro pedals for better pictures of the black anodized, or the RX8 or the Subaru WRX pictures. They show the pedals better. Then send Brian a note if you want the pedals that he and I will design/test together. I plan to help them make the best heel/toe pedal available for the 2005 - 2009 and 2010-2011 Mustangs and GT500's.


I'll post pictures later. I'll keep you all posted.






Imagine these pedals, yet with a larger overhang to fill the gap and facilitate heel/toe shifting.

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I used to have them on my previous car a Mazdaspeed MX-5 and they are great. The pedals are very light and they have a strong grip even without the rubber. The thing is, the pedals have to be drilled on there, they are not cheap clipped on. It's funny that you started this thread because I've been trying to do heal / toe on my GT500 and I can't seem to do it. I thought everyone can do it besides me and maybe I just have small feet and the engineer who designed the position of the pedals is Ronald Mcdonald. :hysterical:

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