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Production number for different colors


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I don't think the true numbers are known, but virtually all Series 1's were Centennial Silver, the only available color at first. After a while other colors were offered as $8,000 options, stripes were only a $3,000 option.


The best I have been able to find is that two were made in black, two in white, two in blue, two in red and I've heard of two in yellow but I've never actually seen or know anyone who's seen one. Colors other than silver are, needless to say, rare and are becoming highly desired. I have been offered a serious premium for mine, but it's not for sale.


I actually found mine on eBay. I would also check Auto Trader and Hemmings. With only 249 of them, chances aren't great of finding one. However, there was a member here who had found a supercharged Series 1 and was selling his naturally aspirated one.

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Where can I find information regarding how many Series 1 cars were silver, red, blue, black, etc.? Where is the best venue to sell or buy a Series 1? Thanks


Hi Golfer,

I have a complete list of all the Series 1 cars made along with the corresponding numbers. The numbers are not in any particular sequence because the buyer could actually order the car with a special number, however most were given the build number from the factory in sequence starting with 5001.

As mentioned in the previous post, I do have a Series 1 for sale, only 375 miles on it, and it is SIlver with Lemans Blue stripes. You can go to my website www.PPMrides.com to see pictures. I am a small dealer specializing in Classics and Performance cars, mostly to support my hobby and passion for these cars.

Regards, Randy

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