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Clutch differences......head hurting.....


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I need a new clutch in my 2009 GT500. The dealer claims it is normal wear and will not perform the TSB. My car is currently stock and my only horsepower upgrades will most likely be CAI , upper pulley and tune. I spoke with my local performance shop and they recommend a Spec clutch. I was warned of the noise and rattles that the twin disc makes at idle and informed that a single disc may be the way to go. I want a clutch that is completely quiet just like my stock unit. My head is hurting because some people post "no noise" with their Spec setup or aftermarket setup.


Does the skill of the technician installing the assembly play any part in the issues that drive people to say they hate their clutch setup? My brother has a TT C6 making 1200 rwhp and when I drive it the clucth feels smooth and soft with no noises. You really forget that there is that much HP because it drives so easy. His car a RPS twin carbon setup.

RPS makes a setup for the Mustang RPS Street Twin


I see many people here selling there "almost new" 2010 setup. Is it reasonable to just buy the "used" setup, have my local mod shop installe, and get back to enjoying my car with no problems? Is this something an installer can screw up?


Are the problems people experience with their clutch setups due in any way to installer skill or lack of?


Sorry for all the questions.


Thanks for your time.


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I had a Centerforce dual friction clutch installed in my ' 09 when the stock unit gave up same issue as you the dealer said it was normal wear which was not true at 10k. I could not be happier than I am with this setup it's quiet and much more drivable than the stock unit ever was. As they were pulling the transmission out I had a Triax shifter installed at the same time. I think you will find others have different preferences but this setup works for me. Sorry I can't comment on anything that may change between technicians but having had many issues with my local dealer I now have all my work performed by an independent shop that I have come to trust.

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I hope you will be happy with it. Going with a steel flywheel is a good move as some of the issues people have with different setups in road use is with the aluminum flywheels overheating. Good luck, making the decision is probably the hardest part.



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