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Tuner Required

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When I upgrade my cold air intake to the K&N system , is it essential to purchase the tuner as well. I am in New Zealand so there are no Shelby dealers avaiable



#1 Why would you go with K&N . Don`t they say you don`t need a tune with their CAI which is hard to believe.

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Generally speaking, a CAI that doesn't require a tune is a cosmetic addition.


For performance enhancement pick one that requires a tune, and expect a noticeable increase in performance.


Choose the tune alone and you get ninety percent of the increase for fifty percent of the cash.


Choose them both to realize the full potential of bolt-on intake enhancement.


Really: if a CAI can be used without a re-tune, it won't do much for airflow and power.


EDIT: If you have a Shelby Mustang GT, you probably don't need either, but a custom tune might add a little.

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