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First time for this question I bet.


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Okay, see if you follow me here. In the UK, when you bring over a US car you have to get the car SVA tested, This test checks/modifies for things like the correct way for Highbeams to work, a rear foglight, side marker lights (like the ricer boys put on their rides) there are several ways to do the mods on a mustang and most are fairly simple. My question revolves around the side marker lights. 90% of the time folks drill a big hole in the side of the wing (front fender) over the cobra usually or over the GT and put a side marker light that blinks in tandem with the signals, either triangular or round in that area. In my case it was a round one. Other more expensive conversions (and these can cost over 2000 UK pounds to get the whole conversion done) involve signals in the mirror glass, signals put into the outside edge of the mirror, signals in the bottom outside corner of the mirror. In my case I have removed the round lites over my cobras and put in the triangles which look better in my opinion, but in the rush that the moron that originally installed my lights when the car was imported was in he must have pushed on the drill like mad to cause depressions in the area of the wing/fender. Now that there is a different shaped light in that area the depressions stand out a bit. So basically I have a triangular light where a round one used to be and it shows a slight depression


I have two questions, I am not a big fan of extra badging and when i was younger used to totally debadge all my cars. but does anyone have any ideas for a badge that would not look out of place to cover over these holes/depressions so I can do the mod to the mirror and cover over the hole?


OR, do you think paintless dent repair can take the depression out even though there is a hole in the middle of it? I know they do great work on panels with dings but this is a bit different.


cheers. Peter

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Sorry, I don't have a photo as the hole is now covered by the side light.


It is basically a hole the size of your thumbs diameter, it is about 3 inches above the center of the cobras head on each front fender. the hold was made that large to allow for the base of the lamp to go through .


I was wondering if 40th anniversary badges would work, I have no idea as i have never seen them,


The square badge is nice but won't look so great on the car.


I did think a dent guy would easily be able to take out the dent but the person who installed the side marker lights stuck them on with the 3m tape that came with them, once i take them off they are about useless or will break and they cost about 35 bucks to buy. But this is probably my best solution, Just take out the low spot and be done with it.


Thanks for the suggestions folks. Peter

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