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Found on E-Bay this morning, 2012 on sale !!

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Was on ( gt500forsale.com )......found this listing !!


It will not let me select 2012 as a model year but this is a 2012 GT500, one of the first to arrive. It has been built and shipped and the ETA is March 12th, it may be a few days late because they usually are.


It is spec'd as follows with the msrp pricing-


2012 GT500 Coupe - $48,645


SVT Performance Package - $3995


Grabber Blue with White Stripes


Recaro Seat Option - $1595


Car Cover - $375


Dest charges - $850


Total $55,460


I will sell for 52,600. Be one of the first to have a 2012!!!!!


There are no doc fees or conveyance fees or any hidden fees. You can either take it as is or for $175 we clean and wax the whole car plus check all the bolts and anything we can physically check. We spend about 6 hours going through every new car we sell. And if you live in CT we will go to dmv for you as well. If you don't like the 175 you can take the car as it comes off the truck and we will wash it for you and clean it up.





Bowen's Garage Inc.


If you don't want to wait and want to buy it now, or you have any questions you can email me personally at jonb347@hotmail.com. I am the owners son and do all the mustang/high-perf stuff. We are a small family dealership without a salesman so I would be glad to answer any questions.


btw...The seat pictures are of a boss 302 because there are no pix out yet for the gt500 with the recaros, but the seats should be the same with a cobra logo instead. There is a picture in the 2012 product book but none online. They have stripes and a cobra logo like the standard seats.

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In Canada it still applies. You have to pay into the program and then your dealership can sell them. I spoke to a dealer buddy of mine and he told me it was quite a bit and not worth it and that's why there are so few around Toronto.



Hey Mulanzo, I bought mine at Markville Ford SVT Lincoln. THey just renovated and now there sign no longer says SVT???? but they still have some Shelby's available, I wonder if they are just tring to sell off remaining stock, TO cold to go in ask questions, But Spring is coming.... I think



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