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I have been a team Shelby member since 2007. Last year for some reason I got a Medium tee shirt with my renewal, I wear an XL. Sharon sent me a XL shirt and all was well. This year my renewal package came with a medium tee shirt again. I called the representative at Shelby Performance Parts. I was told by him that there was nothing he could do about the shirt size issue and told me to send back the medium shirt and he would send me an XL. I was directed to contact PayPal as he said it was their issue and not Team Shelby's. I have been unable to find anything at Pay Pal and have not received a call back from Robert Lane after leaving 3 messages.

I am frustrated that Shelby is taking no responsibility for this issue and I can't get a call back. I do not believe in bad mouthing on forums, but I don't know what else to do. Anyone have any information on how I can solve this prior to next year's renewal? All I want is to get the proper size shirt with my renewal. Doesn't sound like it should be that difficult, does it???





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We can send you out a new Shirt no problem. However when you pick your subscription through paypal you have the option to pick your shirt size. In our system it shows that you have picked medium. Somewhere there is an issue either with paypal or somewhere else. I can not go back and change what has been picked from paypal once the items have been mailed. But we are happy to correct the error. Tim will be sending you an RMA for the return shirt and get you out a new shirt.


When you go to renew next year please use the Shelby Performance Parts website this way we can make sure there are no problems with paypal in the future.


Please feel free to contact me at sharone@shelbyamerican.com if you need anything else. Email is the best way to reach Robert or myself we are out of the office in meeting a lot. :)


Here is the link to but the membership at the store







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Gosh, why didn't I think of that???


Robert fixed the problem, all is good. (and I can still eat and drink what I want :beerchug:)






I'll have one with ya!!!

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