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Reconnecting with old friends


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These great way to find old friends and co-workers to say hi and whats been going on in your life. Met up with my old friends that I grew up with the clan still hangs out together. Chatted with old loves and the crazy lovers also its a great thing all this tech being put to good use. I was trying to track down my first partner we worked lower Manhattan together we were assigned to work together not by choice. The first day we almost got into a fist fight we didn't get along he had a bad temper and with my short fuse and beer didn't help much. But it bloomed into some crazy nights out on the streets. we even pick up a pretty blonde that was dropped off on canal st by a trucker. My partner was kind enough to let her stay at his place whle she looked for work as a stripper. But we all grow up and learn to be more responsible. As one would think. I found my lost friend and Partner


He's the one in the white shirt it seems he still has a bad temper !!! He's doing 5yrs for holding a school superintendent hostage after a fight at his childs school


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