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Goodyear F1 Supercar Tires FOR SALE in Denver


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I would assume these tires are not the 2nd Gen F1's used on the KR. $300-$400 a piece new which is the price of new 2nd Gen F1's. If you are local to the seller and know what you are buying it could be a good deal.


You can still find new 1st Gen F1's at The Tire Rack and CJ Pony Parts for $150-$180 a piece with free shipping. Some may say you will need to worry about how old these tires are since Goodyear, as do most manufactures, have a sale by date on all their tires.


The deal Shelby Performace Parts had was a one time deal to unload inventory.

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Sizes? Price? New or Used?



The prices he's quoting from Tire Rack are for the KR Winged boot tires, NOT the standard GT500 F1's.


At least the last time I checked Tire Rack, which was only about a week ago....


And with 3400 miles on them, if they *are* the KR tires, they're at least half shot (if not more).


And yes, Shelby was selling them for 200 ea. (or was it a pair?) and Robert said he's trying to get more at that price for TS.


Just FYI,


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