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Team Shelby Apparel and Merch Sale 20% off


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How long is the code good for?








The 19th.......................................and WooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooooo!!!




:mail: :burnout: :banvictory: :beerchug: :runaway:

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Use code HEART20 at check out to get 20% off all Merchandise and Apparel. Good on instock items only no back orders. If you are having problems with the code please call 702-405-3500.







Thanks for the tip. Just placed an order and saved $40+. Hopefully my wife will understand as she's all about sales and saving money. (LOL) :finger:

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I ordered the custom director chair set, an autograghed Shelby girl 2010 PINK GT500, a bobble head, silver pocket watch, and the Shelby American Portfolio.


Thanks for the sale. You will always have a order from me with a sale this good. I wanted to add a few more things but I better watch my money

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OK, is it good TO the 19th or THRU the 19th? Just tried to place an order and it wouldn't take the code. And you're closed. :banghead:




It's good until March 19th.


It would not be good on the 20th...but good until the 19th and really good on the 18th. :hysterical:

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