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Winter Tinkering--Kicker Upgrade

gt force

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Just installed the Kicker Subwoofer in the trunk as well as new speakers in the door. :banana piano:

Great way to start upgrading the Shaker 500. Very happy with the results.

Easy installation except for the connection to the front stereo speaker for the subwoofer. The set of instructions had the wire colour code for a 2009 which is different than the 2010. Had to call Kicker in Oklahoma to get the wire colours for my car. They were helpful, nice people.

This photo shows where I made the connections to the ponytail.



This wiring is at the kick panel passenger side.


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^ How bout your driveway on a clear day?



The last few clear days were -20 degrees celsius... that's what.... -4 farenheit?


Too cold for my Canadian blood. Plus all my other cars bring the salt onto the driveway when it gets slushy so when it dries up, there's still salt all over.



*Update* It was a surprisingly mild day today.... 1oC so I got to install my kickers finally :) Took about an hour and a half - 2 hours to do all 4. The sound improvement is miles ahead of the old Shaker500s that came out. Those things are a piece of JUNK.... I laughed when I saw the plastic front 6x8s. The sound is much clearer and fuller. Very happy that I did this mod.


I also did a little appearance mod. I've always like the 68 Shelby GT500 lettering across the hood so I ordered a set of letters from Shelby and replicated it. I think it turned out nicely. :) Getting VERY eager to get her going again...


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