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Camaro ZL1


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For all you posers out there, here's what you've been waiting for...




Magnetic Ride Suspension from the CTS-V and Corvette - otherwise, they've apparently they set their sights on barely meeting GT500 in power. :)


It DOES offer some nice, sensible features you'd expect to find like 4-piston rear brakes AND (wait for it), heated seats and a backup camera! Do you hear that Ford, damn you? I wonder what the fuel economy will be though?


A blown 5.0 CAN'T be far in the offing now.


The GOOD news is that ZL1 offers nothing that's even much of a stretch for GT500 to keep parity with - or exceed, and with far better engines. I DO hope this means a 6-piston/4-piston brake setup will become standard - as well as a decent dynamic suspension, which already is on the books for 2012.


The one indisputable up-side is that ZL1 owners will still be consigned to driving a Camaro - something even V6 Mustang owners have on them in spades.

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First off - I love Camaros - at least the 1967/1969 and current models. But I am GLAD that Chevy didn't call this porkchop the Z28. The "Z" needs to come out and lock horns with the Boss. As far as the ZL1 namplate, does this mean that the SS is second best?



The SS has been FOURTH best since the 2011 Mustang model year landed. :)

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I DO wonder what effect this will have upon future SuperSnake mods, as any car Ford would have to field to be competitive in the GT500/LZ1 space would include much of what Shelby builds into the SuperSnake.



I would think it would have to be suspension & tires to put the horse power to the ground.

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