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Hood Scoop

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This scope is listed for sale on Craigs. I wouldn't mind having a backup scoop in case mine is damaged.


I had mine replaced about 18 months ago. At the time I thought it looked pretty good until I witnessed the newest version. BIG difference!

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I got my '07 SGT on memorial weekend '07. within the first few months of summer the scoop started to warp and not sit nice on the hood.

I got aa second and a second scoop, same issue it did not sit flat. Then there was the 3rd scoop that sat better for longer but it too started showing daylight.

Mind you, the car was only driven to and from work and in the sun/weather a total of maybe 5 hours a day and under cover the rest of the time.

the 4th scoop came with a brand new hood to go with it since it no longer used the 4 bolt mounting but real rivets all the way around. So far it is holding up as it should have and with my stripes (went through 2 sets of them, don't get me started...:banghead:) recently taken off and new stripes painted on the car I can point to it and say yes, that is my Shelby.

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