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GT500 tested on BBCs Top Gear this week


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Richard Hammond drove the car and he even had his 67 GT390 on there. They did a Dyno test of both cars just to show you how much HP it had. Basically if you watched the one where they tested the GT its simular. They bash Ford for putting the live axel and not having independent rear in the car. They said its got good straight line perfromance but forget the curves. The car did a 1 min 30sec even on their track. The Stig then took out a Roush and did 1.28 so two full seconds due to better suspension and lest weight. Heres a list of the Stigs lap times to compare the Shelby against.





The next car on the list with 1.30.1 is the Monaro (Same as the GTO)

The Vette does it in 1:26.8 and the Z06 is 1.22.4

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