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Really??? That's The Best They Could Muster Up?

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For the record, I was invited to a SuperBowl party yeterday by my real-estate agent. She had about 35 people over, and all were seemingly NOT car people!!


I kept mentioning to the group that there was going to be a Camaro and a VW Beetle commercial. Both showing 'new' offerings. WELL... the new Beetle commercial was 'so-so'...mostly non eventful, but c'mon...................that Camaro commercial, seriously!? On the 10 gazillion $ a minute Super Bowl stage...and that's what they come up with?



They deserve what they get outa that. :finger:


W E A K !

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GM is quickly returning to the ways that landed them in dept.



Seriously EL!


You nailed it. I remember when the whole bkrptcy thing went down...the incoming CEO (practically crying) says, " We are going to re-focus on our mission" I'm taking some liberties here with unexact quotes, but this was the jist. "We are going to cut back our models and build just cars that will sell in qty. and focus on quality." Right away, after YEARS with the same advertising agency, they parted ways and went with a new agency. I thought for sure that the marketing would change dramatically. Even that is the same-ol, same-ol!!?



It's all good with me...........just keeps helping our stock!?

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I see they gave Aaron Rogers a new Camaro conv................................maybe he'll give it back!! :hysterical:

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Does anyone recall a Ford commercial during the game? I don't, but could be wrong. If they didn't, I say it was a smart move by Ford.


I did like message in Chrysler's commercial. The big three should give Detroit props and should help market Detroit as the hard working 'Underdog American City' that will rebound.

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