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AC building new cars

Frederic Dumong

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Hi everyone. -


:shift: As a big Shelby fan, as I suppose, we all are, :wub: I was just a little bit shocked and confused when I saw this car at car seller in Luxembourg-city. :confused:


He explained me that they sell new original AC Cobras. ???? :hysterical2: Just asking for more informations, and a few detailed questions, I couldn't even believe what I saw.

An AC MKVI GT with a 6.2 Chevrolet Corvette Engine. :snake:


I just added two websites, the website from the constructor in Germany, and the second link is the official price in Luxembourg. On the constructors website, the pictures look really impressing, but honestly, seeing the car live,

it's not that car that I would buy for that sum of money.


Well converting 115000 € in $ ; that will be today more or less 156000 $ for a car like that. :tease:






Greetings from Lux.



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Greetings back atcha!!! May I suggest you look around at the site some and see what's available...... Shelby has and is, still selling the AC. Here's a link to the 50th anniversary edition that sold out in record time.....



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