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Pumped for Spring!!!


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:rant2: I got the winter blues man. My baby has been sitting under its cover for over 3 months now and man i need to drive this thing.


I am just curious to hear what kinda of mods people will be doing to there 10 and 11 shelbs come nice weather time( for those who have winters that is :) ).


I just put a pretty big order in for my suspension...I'm doing


- Eibach coil overs


- Eibach sway bars(frt,& rear)


- J&M Camber plates


- J&M double adjustable panhard bar(poly bushings)


- J&M extreme joint LCA's (poly)


Can't wait to get this stuff in and see how she corners....

Also tinting the CRAP out of my windows as well....


My next big mod is definately going to be The Shelby heat exchanger, probably mid summer....


List your mods planned, love to get more ideas.......


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Just installed new AFCO with dual fans

New Dynatechs long tubes in shipping

Alex's MMF Mufflers in shipping

New LCA's in shipping

Nitto 20 invo's in shipping

20 Boyd Codington F09's in shipping

Justins new VMP TVS shipping in 3 weeks.


Come on spring

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MIne's been parked for about 8 weeks now, and in that time I've done some simple mods. Magnaflow muffler deletes, JLT intake, AirAid filter, and a tune by CJ Pony for the mentioned mods via SCT tuner.

Come spring, I'll do the 2.59 pulley and have it dyno tuned. I've read mention of a lower pulley change(?) but have to research that a little more. Once I have the upper pulley and tune, I'll probably go with

a set of lowering springs for a better stance and see how that car works like that. I absolutely can not wait for spring! I hate this crap weather in the northeast!

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O.K. here we go, I have had the car since April 27th 2010 and thought that I might just do some appearance mods. I then thought after driving for the summer, man I NEED more power, so at the first of December the mod bug had flared his enormous ugly head. Well here is what has been done since purchasing the car.


Exterior: front splitter, rockers, rear valance, Gurney flap, hood scoop all done in Kona Blue Hydrocarbon from Southeast Carbonworks


Wheels: Shelby 20" razors in black and widened to 10.5 in rear with Nitto Invos 295's


Motor & drivetrain: polished Kenne Bell 2.8lc S/C with Mammoth intake and throttle body, Shelby C&R Racing heat exchanger and radiator, Shelby aluminum coolant tanks, Kona Blue hydrocarbon valve covers, Shelby (project 321) coil covers in satin finish, Lethal Performance billet motor mounts, Shelby one piece driveshaft, Shelby adjustable upper control arm and bracket, Shelby Adj panhard bar, and front and rear driveshaft loops, MGW shifter.


Now that I have spent my Sons inheritance I have to sart saving for the rest of what I want to do,


Suspension: Griggs SS or ST suspension, or the billet watts link Roger has been teasing us about and lowering kit, have not decided yet.


Exhaust: Full exhaust from Alex at Mckenzie


Motor: Going to work with C&R racing to produce a battery box cover done to look like the Shelby coolant tanks, would also like to get a set of the Samco hoses in blue as well.


I guess that is about everything I can think of right now. I have not been able to drive the Shelby since install of KB S/C, but cant wait for the weather to break :D





Oh Yes does anyone know if there is an Antibiotic for this mod bug that seems to be going around?

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U P S just dropped off 75 percent of my suspension stuff.....yee ha.....NOW COME SPRING!!!!


Hey I gotta question for ya guys, maybe someone can help......


I haven't started my car for about 3 months or so and started it today and she sounded so nice...but my question is this,when i listen to the actual engine with the hood up I could hear a repeating tiny ticking noise, now I'm sure this is just a characteristic of the car but was wondering if anyone had any insight to this????

As the motor ran it just goes tickticktickticktick etc......Hope its not a lifter problem....................I have 3100 miles on the car and this is something that can not be heard while driving or when hood is down,thats probably why I never noticed it before...

Welll anyways maybe its the blistering cold here.....

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3:73 GEARS








Did you widen the stock 2010’s GT500 19” wheels to 11”? If so, how was the fitment? Did you have to trim the bump stops, or remove the shocks dust cover? I’m definitely thinking of doing this any info would be great. :headscratch:



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