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I'm sick and tired of having to wait for Shelby to decide to keep their LCAs in-stock. They had them for about 36 seconds a week or so ago, but I apparently missed them - and I want to use to the winter storage downtime to do a little pre-season prepping before wheeling it out in March.


I was browsing the Ford Racing Parts catalog and noticed the FR500C Kit which I like for both its simplicity and urethane bushings, which shouldn't add to NVH. I do also like the fact that they're an OEM Part (no matter whose name gets stickered-over). And at $200 or so, they're very reasonably-priced.


I've also read very good things about Strano, and they make a similar, Tubular LCA with the added benefit of zerks to make the urethane bushings greaseable - all for a cool hundred bucks. Plus, they happen to come in red or black - and red would be my preferred, given my car's color combination.


As a final question, would there be any benefit to an adjustable LCA, particularly in combination with a Watts linkage? I've been considering an anti-hop kit to relocate the LCA mount points, but before doing too much at once and winding-up unintended consequences, I figured an adjustable LCA might be a smart alternative to relocating the mount points, even though I'm all in favor of locking-in the stock geometry more firmly.


Has anybody any experience with either of these products? Are they likely to be as practically durable and provide equivalent benefit? I realize billet's about as strong a design as is likely to exist for this kind of application, but I'd think tubular steel of sufficient thickness and diameter should be more than sufficient to eliminate an deflection just as well.



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Here is Steeda's billet LCA: :


with spherical bearing/urethane bushing combination for high horsepower applications


Just a thought - you may want to ask Alex M (Mackenzie Mustang), vapor08GT500

Although, I think the above LCA is what he may suggest.

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