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25 Years Ago the Challenger Space Shuttle Exploded

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WOW. :cry: A time to remember..................................... I used to have the Challenger Tag on my Car way back in the 80's.



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I Still remember this day clearly. Came home from high school exams at age 16 and I wanted to watch the shuttle launch, live on CNN. When the shuttle did not make it, I felt horrible like everyone and my "important" world seamed much less important that day.


It was a rough day indeed.



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The Challenger Explosion, John Lennon's horrible day, 911, all days for ME, at least, that I will vividly remember exactly what I was doing and where I was. It seemed unreal first...that we could blast these ENORMOUS vehicles from a standstill into space. Then after all of the flights, (safely returning to land) it seemed even more unreal that something so horrible could go wrong?


Sad, sad day to be sure. Lest we forget the other shuttle tragedy............the explosion over the AZ, TX, NM desert!


R.I.P. :salute:

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Like others have commented, I remember exactly where I was when I heard this terrible news on the radio. It was a devastating blow to NASA's space program, much like the loss of the Apollo 1 crew consisting of Grissom, White and Chaffee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_1 years before. What made Challenger shocking was the larger loss of life "in flight" and the inclusion of "citizen" passenger Christa McAuliffe, a New Hampshire teacher who was literally going on a field trip "out of this world" that would be shared with other teachers and children throughout the country / world http://www.washingto...6012401108.html . Several days after the incident I remember meeting with our insurance producer from C&B/M&A and recall him telling us about a life insurance policy they had issued to Christa as a gift because her own coverage had been cancelled due to the perceived risk of space flight http://articles.lati...nsurance-policy . The policy limits were surrendered to Christa's parents less than 26 hours following the disaster.

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I too remember that day vividly. I was in Tampa, Florida, a young Airman at MacDill AFB. Even though the launch took place on the other side of the state, we were able to see the contrails from the launches.


When they eventually resumed the launches, I took my supervisor and his 10 yr. old son and we drove over to Cape Canaveral to watch Discovery take off live. We were parked along side of A1A, along with thousands of others. When the shuttle took off, everyone watched in amazement while clapping, cheering and celebrating. What an awesome moment that was.



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